With today’s constantly growing reliance on audio and visual sources for instruction, information and organization, visual display and audio reinforcement systems are now mandatory for success in every school, university, media outlet, business and laboratory. Convergent Technologies Design Group is an AV systems and audiovisual services design company specializing in modern function and intuitive use of a wide range of audiovisual system types, including presentation, recording and broadcasting, and video teleconferencing (VTC) systems.

Convergent Technologies strives for clear, balanced, and intelligible audio systems, often supported by multiple images, interactive technology and clarity to achieve full audience immersion. Visual displays & projection screens strategically located and sized to support lecture-based and interactive presentations, as well as system compatibility with multiple audiovisual source device types and platforms provides for a fully integrated presentation environment appropriate to any application. Convergent Technologies’ AV services routinely include videoconferencing, recording, streaming and distribution capabilities and components. Control every aspect of the audiovisual services with a single touch from remote-controlled touch panels or wirelessly connected devices.

Each AV system is specially designed to suit the needs of each client. Convergent Technologies customizes technology for classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms, libraries, laboratories, TV studios and more. For top-quality display, design, connectivity and control of your station, contact Convergent Technologies Design Group.


Video Presentation and Production

Video Presentation & Production Systems

Videoconferencing, Telemedicine & Distance Learning
Digital Audio/Video Recording, Streaming & Distribution
Video Walls, Rear Screen Projection, Multiple Projectors, Control Center Multiplexing, Plasma/LCD Displays
Digital Annotation Devices (SMART Board, Sympodium, Overlays, PC Interfaces)

Audio Systems and Sound

Audio Systems & Sound Reinforcement

Large Venue Audio Systems
Movie Theater Surround Sound
Speech/Lecture Sound Reinforcement
Professional Audio Production & Recording Facilities
Audio Conferencing
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Electronics
Feedback Elimination & Suppression

Remote Control Systems

Remote Control Systems

Central Control Facilities Layout & Design
Internet Addressable (IP) Control Devices
Touchpanel Interface Devices
Remote Management & Monitoring
Single Point of Control for Complex Systems & Diverse User Groups