The World Bank Group Office

The scope of this project was the design
and construction of a new 3-story level
building for The World Bank Group Office
in Kabul. The project included: enclosed
and open office spaces, partitioning,
ceilings, floor finishes, visiting missions
office, library, meeting / variable and
flexible conference rooms and areas and
support rooms, auditorium style video
conferencing facilities, lobby and security
control room, professional kitchen,
pantries and 24 seat dining facility, toilet
and shower facilities, medical room, UPS
and stabilizer room, guards operations
room, guards dressing room, cleaners/and
supply room, machine room, stairs and
lifts. Convergent Technologies Design
Group, Inc (CTDG) has been asked to
include deliverables for a design project
commencing with the Schematic Design
phase and concluding with Construction
Administration of the installed systems.
The project is projected to be completed
in November 2017.

LOCATION: Kabul, Afghanistan

ARCHITECT: Sheladia Associates,Rockville, MD


Arizona State University Foundation New Headquarters Building

The scope of this project included
project management services overseeing
the telecommunications cabling design for
multiple floors within this six-story office
building, as well as, full audiovisual systems
design for the President of ASU’s Executive
Conference Room, ASU Foundation’s Executive
Conference Room, Ceremonial Boardroom,
ABOR Conference Room, and ancillary
conference spaces. All four of these high profile
rooms serve as the marquis for ASU executive
spaces and feature multiple large format displays,
audio reinforcement systems, and video
conferencing capabilities. The forty-eight (48)
person Ceremonial Boardroom features
dual projection systems, presenter’s lectern,
multiple videoconferencing cameras, and
distributed microphones for audience
participation. The Executive Conference room
serves as an overflow space to the Ceremonial
Boardroom with integrated side-by-side plasma
displays and tie lines to and from the Boardroom.
A surround-sound audio system and HDTV format
projection screen augment the videoconferencing
capabilities of this prestigious space. Project
highlights include:participation in charette
workshop sessions with Arizona State University
Foundation Senior Management. The project completed in February 2005.

ASU Foundation Boardroom

LOCATION:Tempe, Arizona

ARCHITECT: Gould Evans Architects and Architekton



Ahern Corporate Headquarters

Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc.(CTDG)
provided telecommunications cabling systems with
associated supporting infrastructure for
voice/data/RF video outlets, audiovisual system
electronics with associated supporting infrastructure,
access control/video surveillance systems, room
acoustics,interior sound isolation, and HVAC noise
control design services for the Ahern & Extreme Ahern
Corporate Headquarters in Las Vegas. We included
deliverables for a design project commencing with
the Schematic Design phase and concluding with
Construction Administration of the installed systems.
Our basic services scope addressed programming
needs which excludes paging/public address and
intercom systems, as well as,LAN/PBX/Wi-Fi
electronics.Our services were utilized in such
spaces as: Offices, Dining Rooms, Show Rooms,
Town Square, Dining Village and a Roof Top Deck.
This project was completed in 2015.

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada

PROJECT SIZE: 200,000 gsf

Verrado High School – Agua Fria Union High School District

The scope of this project was to analyze the interior acoustics of a 520 seat Auditorium located in Verrado High School in the Agua Fria Union High School District of Buckeye, Arizona. The analysis performed in this project included an evaluation of room shaping and its impact on reflected sound levels, as well as, calculations of reverberation time in areas where speech communication was important. The existing design of the auditorium was found to result in high levels of noise transmission between itself and an adjacent food court. In addition to this, the existing design was found to provide excessive low frequency reverberation, resulting in a ‘boomy’ sound which negatively affects room acoustics. High noise reduction coefficient ceiling tile was recommended to help reduce noise transmission from adjacent rooms, and low frequency reverberation was controlled using strategically place absorptive panels along the perimeter of the auditorium. In addition to this, recommendations for doors, windows, acoustical seals and details for caulking around pipe and duct penetrations were provided. This project was completed in April 2006.

LOCATION:Buckeye, Arizona

ARCHITECT: Orcutt/Winslow

Queen Anne’s County Circuit Courthouse

Convergent Technologies Design Group was asked to provide telecommunications cabling systems, audiovisual systems electronics with associated supporting infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, and HVAC noise control design services for the Queen Anne’s County Department of Public Works Circuit Courthouse. We were asked to include deliverables for a design project commencing with the Schematic Design phase and concluding with the Construction Administration phase of the project. Our services were utilized in such spaces as; offices, general assembly rooms, conference rooms, and hearing rooms. The project was completed in December of 2016.

LOCATION: Centreville, Maryland

ARCHITECT:Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP,Washington D.C.

Al’s Sporting Goods Shooting Range – Bridgerland Square

Convergent Technologies and Action Target have collaborated on several firing range projects to ensure that the acoustical impact of firearm discharge noise does not negatively impact facility operations or occupancy of nearby areas. Convergent Technologies was asked to provide Noise Mitigation Analysis services for the proposed firing range to be housed in the Bridgerland Square, Al’s Sporting Goods, facility is located in Logan, UT. The focus of this analysis was to assess the transmission of firearm discharge noise from the multiple firing ranges into other occupied areas of the building, which include a Sporting Goods store, a Grocer, and several office spaces. Noise transmission modeling was also conducted for transmission of sound to the building exterior and nearby buildings. The analysis addressed proposed interior and exterior wall construction, interior finishes, and floor assemblies. Recommended modifications included the use of floating floor assemblies, as well as the integration of acoustical vibration isolation components into partitions which also featured steel baffles and other safety features to allow for improved acoustical performance.

LOCATION: Logan, Utah

ARCHITECT:Action Target Inc.

Samford University College of Health Sciences

Convergent Technologies was asked by Davis
Architects to provide audiovisual systems
design for Samford University College of Health
Sciences. It is understood that the College of
Health Sciences is a relatively new program,
which will be migrating standards from a range
of existing programs into a single building.
The overall design for each Audiovisual system
was to provide Samford University with cutting
edge technology presentation and simulation
capture systems which will enable the operation,
administration, and security of the facility,
and will also enhance higher education instruction
and collaboration in each educational space.
Spaces to receive Audiovisual systems design
include four high fidelity simulation suites,
ten exam rooms,or lab, health assessment lab,
and the pharmacy.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Architect: Davis Architects
Construction Cost: $16,402,644
Gross Square Footage: 31,000 gsf

USA Liberty Arms Indoor Shooting Range

Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc.
was engaged by Action Target Inc. to provide
acoustics design services for the USA Liberty
Arms Indoor shooting Range located in Fort
Collins, Colorado. The 10,000 square foot building
includes 5 indoor firing ranges. This Facility is now the
largest of its kind in the state of Colorado. The entire
Building consists of a gun store, classrooms, and
separate shooting ranges of varying distances. The
presence of this assortment of program spaces, in
addition to the proximity of residential properties,
required critical acoustical analysis to ensure that
firearm discharge noise did not render the educational
spaces or residential properties at risk of disruption
due to high noise levels. Through a detailed analysis
of partition assemblies, floor/ceiling assemblies,
exterior wall assemblies, interior finishes, and nearby
geographic topography, CTDG was able to provide
recommendations for design modifications which
would protect the nearby residential areas from
intrusive or disturbing noise due to firing range operation.

LOCATION:Fort Collins, Colorado

ARCHITECT:Action Target Inc. Provo, Utah

Casino Center: The Royale

Casino Center The Royale
Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc. (CTDG) has been asked to provide telecommunications cabling systems for voice/data/RF video outlets, audiovisual system electronics with associated supporting infrastructure, access control/video surveillance systems with associated supporting
infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, HVAC noise control and LAN/PBX/Wi-Fi electronics design services for the eighteen story mixed-use Casino Center The Royale with an automated parking structure to be located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been asked to include deliverables for a design project commencing with the Schematic Design phase and concluding with Construction Administration of the installed systems. The building will consist of office space, pools, apartments, retail spaces, and a casino. The project is estimated to be completed in 2017.

Architect: Aptus Group
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Construction Cost: $40,000,000 – $50,000,000

MGM International Resorts: MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield
Convergent Technologies Design Group has been asked to provide telecommunications cabling systems with associated supporting infrastructure for voice/data/RF video outlets, audiovisual system electronics with associated supporting infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, HVAC noise control design services for the MGM Resorts MGM Springfield to be located in Springfield, Massachusetts. CTDG recommended Noise Criterion levels and room reverberation times for the following spaces: hotel, spa/fitness center, lobbies, retail spaces, suites, guestrooms, casino, banquet halls, food court, kitchens, hotel pool/deck, residential spaces, bowling alleys, cinema, restaurants/bars and church.

Architect: Gensler
Location: Springfield, MA
Project Size: 841,933 GSF
Construction Cost: $80,000,000

MGM Resorts International: MGM National Harbor

MGM National Harbor
Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc. was engaged by SmithgroupJJR to provide Telecommunications, Acoustics, and Security design services for the MGM Resorts International National Harbor project located in Washington, DC. The new Building will be on 23 acres and will consist of 3,600 slot machines, 140 gaming tables, 300 suites, a concert theater, celebrity restaurants, spas, and high-end stores. The Telecommunications Structured Cabling System is comprised of multiple, physically discrete networks with specific purposes, including Gaming, Back of House, Hospitality, Security and Maryland Gaming. Due to the vast expanse of the building, this required special consideration Telecommunications Rooms and their associated infrastructure pathways. This project is scheduled for completion in July of 2016.

Architect: SmithgroupJJR
Location: National Harbor, DC
Project Size: 3,347,856 GSF
Construction Cost: $925,000,000

MEMA: Statewide Emergency Operations Center Renovation


The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is renovating its Statewide Emergency Operations Center, the hub for the state’s management of natural and human disasters. Located in Reisterstown, MD, the operations center’s renovation will feature a new multi-screen video-wall display in the center’s main amphitheater room and multiple media displays in two adjoining conference and meeting rooms along with audiovisual technology in additional spaces throughout the first floor. The video-wall will display large graphics such as maps, weather, news, CCTV feeds, dashboards, and text-based information such as issue lists. MEMA asked Convergent Technologies to provide systems design for this project’s audiovisual systems and supporting infrastructure. The scope of work also calls for Convergent to deliver Construction Documents and conclude with Construction Administration. Renovation of the operations center began in July 2013, and was completed in the Fall of 2014.

Architect: Gipe Associates, Inc.
Owner: Department of Homeland Security
Location: Reisterstown, MD
Project Budget: $2,165,000

Sinai Hospital: Board Room Renovation

Sinai Hospital Board Room
Founded in 1866 as the Hebrew Hospital and Asylum, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore is a Jewish-sponsored health care organization providing care for all people. It is a nonprofit institution with a mission of providing quality patient care, teaching and research. Sinai is an agency of THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Convergent Technologies provided consulting services for a 50-person board room that needed audiovisual system upgrades. Convergent Technologies addressed programming and equipment issues including a voice lift system, pop-up microphones, and loudspeakers. Updates included configuring DSP units, updating to digital platform, re-installing microphones to work with the new Biamp file, fixing the master volume control and audio switching, adding videoconferencing transmit and Gooseneck volume control, and correcting the room PC’s transmitter. This project has been successfully complete since May 2012.

Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
Location: Baltimore, MD

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: Dallas Proton Treatment Center

One of the most advance treatments in radiation technology currently available, proton therapy involves the use of a controlled beam of protons to target tumors with precision unavailable in other radiation therapies. There are currently only nine such facilities in the United States. The second such facility to be built in the state, the center will include four treatment vaults and additional research facilities. A component of the University of Texas System, UT Southwestern has grown from a small war time medical college (1943) into a “multifaceted academic institution nationally recognized for its excellence in educating physicians, biomedical scientists, and healthcare personnel.”

The scope of this project includes telecommunications cabling systems plus infrastructure, audiovisual systems with infrastructure, LAN/PBX/Wi-Fi Electronics, Intercom/Video Surveillance and Access Control. Anticipated completion for the project is 2015.

Architect: Perkins+Will
Engineer: BR+A Consulting Engineers
Project Manager: Advanced Particle Therapy (APT)
Location: Dallas, TX
Project Size: 100,000 GSF
Construction Cost: $225,000,000

Owego School District: New Elementary School

Owego Apalachin Central School District (OACSD) is a K through 12 public school district located in Owego, New York which was heavily affected by the 2011 Tropical Storm Lee. The flood waters from this Tropical Storm destroyed the existing Elementary School, prompting a FEMA-funded project to renovate and expand the building. Convergent Technologies was engaged directly by Highland Associates to provide Audiovisual Systems design services for a wide range of classroom types and advanced interactive learning facilities. CTDG’s scope of work included drafting of full Audiovisual and Security Systems design drawings and CSI-format specifications, cost estimating, collaborative design review sessions with OACSD staff and faculty, on-site inspections of infrastructure, bidder proposal evaluation, contractor submittal review, and final acceptance.

The New Elementary School was designed to meet the highest standards of multimedia technology in order to support advanced interactive classroom spaces as well as larger educational environments. The forty-four general classrooms included in the Elementary School feature interactive projection technology, wireless tablet integration, as well as the ability to display, modify, and store centrally managed educational content over a robust network connection providing gigabit Ethernet to each teaching station. Three 90-person gathering spaces are also included in the project, referred to as “family rooms”, which feature distance learning technology to support Virtual Field Trip applications. The facility also includes a 300-seat auditorium, which includes audio and video recording technology to support a wide range of performances and presentations, as well as a large-format 16:10 front projection system with a 274” diagonal image area, with video processing capabilities allowing custom image sizes and multi-window image processing. The Elementary School also features a Gymnasium with a high-fidelity audio reproduction and voice reinforcement system, along with a Cafeteria outfitted to support small presentations and group discussions. A building-wide network-based Digital Signage system was specified, to include a content management server and associated software to assist staff in the production and management of signage content.

Architect: Highland Associates
Location: Owego, NY
Project Size: 160,000 GSF
Project Budget: $4,000,000

21st Century Oncology: Harlem Proton Facility

Proton beam technology allows radiation to be emitted in precisely focused cancer-killing doses. It is used most commonly to treat children, prostate cancer, and tumors whose treatment with other methods would threaten nearby tissues and organs. The New York Proton Center participants are led by 21st Century Oncology and include Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYU, Mt. Sinai, Montefiore Medical Center and Continuum Health Partners, which encompasses Beth Israel, St. Luke’s and Roosevelt hospitals. They hope to treat between 1,300 and 1,500 people per year. CTDG will provide telecommunications cabling systems, audiovisual systems, LAN/PBX/Wi-Fi electronics, intercom/video surveillance (CCTV), and access control design services. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Architect: BR+A
Location: Harlem, NY
Project Size: 120,000 GSF
Project Budget: $240,000,000

Cornell University: College of Human Ecology, Martha Van Rensselaer Hall & East Wing Renovations

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall was constructed in the 1930s and the building has not had any significant renovations since then. The existing building systems do not meet current program needs and many aspects of the building do not meet current building code requirements. The overall purpose of this project is to upgrade the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, data and communication systems. CTDG is providing audiovisual design services for this project.

Architect: S/L/A/M Collaborative
Location: Ithaca, NY
Project Size: 200,000 GSF
Project Budget: $12,000,000

Rhode Island College: Fogarty Hall Expansion & Renovation

Convergent Technologies Design Group (CTDG) was asked by RCG Architects to assist them in the design for audiovisual and telecommunications systems for Fogarty Hall located in Providence, Rhode Island. Fogarty Hall is home to RIC Life Sciences Programs. The renovation and expansion of Fogarty Hall was initiated by RIC in order to accommodate the rapidly expanding Nursing Program, and included a range of spaces such as exam rooms, fundamental labs, debrief rooms, conference rooms, student lounges, and classrooms. This state-of-the-art facility will help to prepare medical and nursing students for a rapidly advancing technological workplace. It is also to be designed to support faculty administration of the building and Life Sciences Program in terms of system flexibility, as well as through a wide range of simulation capture and assessment tools to help instructors review student progress and performance. The project will be completed in 2016.

Architect: RCG Architects
Location: Providence, RI
Project Size: 12,000 GSF
Project Budget: $6,000,000

Richardson Olmstead Complex: Core Project

Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc. (CTDG) was engaged by Flynn Battaglia Architects to provide audiovisual, telecommunications, and security design services for the Richardson Olmstead Complex Core Project located in Buffalo, New York. The 140 year old renovated building will feature an 88-room boutique hotel, and 300-seat conference/ event center. The construction of the new building will begin 2014 and is estimated to be completed by 2016.

Architect: Flynn Battaglia Architects
Location: Buffalo, NY
Project Size: 480,000 GSF
Project Budget: $56,400,000

Loyola University: Marion Burk Knott Hall Renovation

Convergent Technologies Design Group, Inc. (CTDG) was asked to provide audiovisual visual system electronics with associated supporting infrastructure, room acoustics, interior sound isolation, and HVAC noise control design services for the Loyola University Marion Burk Knott Hall Renovation to be located in Baltimore, Maryland. The scope of the project includes complete renovation of the Marion Burk Knott Hall on the Loyola University campus. The building was originally constructed in 1989 and included classrooms and auditorium style learning environments. The renovation of the building has increased seating capacity by 30 percent, improved teaching technology systems with appropriate acoustical paneling, and improved infrastructure including energy efficient lighting and controls. Existing administrative space was converted to classroom and faculty space with educational technology systems to support the needs of faculty working and teaching in these spaces. This project is currently under construction and will be complete in 2014.

Architect: Colimore Architects Inc.
Location: Baltimore, MD
Project Size: 8,000 GSF
Project Budget: $1,500,000