Telecommunications and structured cabling systems are the backbone to all data communications, telephone, and video distribution systems and applications in modern commercial, professional, and residential facilities. Convergent Technologies Design Group provides detail-oriented design services for structured cabling systems for a wide range of deployment types and sizes that keep your telecommunications systems active so you can easily house, service and maintain them.

Convergent Technologies provides design services for premise and campus or multi-site cabling systems, taking the proper steps and using versatile solutions to protect essential wiring systems. Experienced designers, fluent in both technical requirements and operational functionality, will work with your systems and architecture to design or expand all internal and external networks. TV, video, internet, and telephone services utilize these intricate systems, making any damage frustrating and hazardous. Convergent Technologies will provide accurate, well-coordinated, and cost-effective solutions for projects as large as entire university interlinks or as small as a single conference room video display.

To expand your current technology or to update or repair your telecommunications & structured cabling systems, contact Convergent Technologies Design Group.

Interior Structured Cabling

Interior Structured Cabling Systems

Structured Solution Horizontal Cabling Systems
Vertical Riser / Telecommunications Interconnection
Main Distribution Frame (MDF) & Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) Closet Layout and Design
Distributed Co-Axial RF Video Master Antenna Television (MATV) and Community Antenna Television (CATV) Systems
Optical Fiber, Category 5/6, Twisted Pair / Untwisted Pair (UTP) Copper, Co-axial Cabling and Distribution Systems Design

Exterior Building Cabling

Exterior Building Cabling Systems

Campus Utilities Masterplanning
Telecommunications HUB Relocations
Extension, Expansion, and Connection of Existing Services to New and Renovated Facilities
Direct Buried, Ductbank, Directional Bore, Aerial, Bridge, and Wireless Pathway Sizing
Building Entrance, Lightning Protection, Redundant Pathway, Manhole & Termination Points

Voice/Data/Wifi Design

Voice/Data/ Wi-Fi Electronics Design

PBX Systems & Electronics Expansion.
Voice Over IP (VOIP).
Core, Distribution, and Access Layer Local Area Network (LAN) Switch Electronics
Wireless (Wi-Fi) LAN Access Points & Coverage Distribution Analysis
Server, Control, & Network Monitoring

Distributed Terrestrial (RF) Video Systems

Distributed Terrestrial (RF) Video Systems

Homerun, Distributed Tap, & System Balancing Calculations
RF Video Headend Electronics Planning
Integration with Local Cable Service, Satellite Service, Campus Channels, Internet Video, and Internal Announcement Systems
Video Production & Character Generation
Video Broadcast Facilities